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Venture - App

The news on your big screen. Headlines is a news dashboard for your smart TV. With a variety of sources, currency conversions, and in-line article viewing - it's all you need to keep up-to-date. Avaliable on Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Echoes Ecology Blotter

Client - Print Design

An A3 blotter pad to be distrubuted as marketing to clients. Incoroprating a detailed inforgraphic display the seasonal varitations of ecology surveys.


Venture - App

Coming in the top five password apps in Wired App Guide 2012, Memorable is a multilingual password generator that can genreate passwords that are secure and stay with you. Avaliable on Google Play and Amazon App Store.

Greenleaves Designs

Client - Logo/Branding

A casual simple design for a handmade card company who use exclusivly recycled products. The three leaves represent the natural orgins and a celtic tribal pattern representing the Scottish hertiage of the company.

Praise The Sun Ale

Client - Print Design

A custom beer bottle label inspired by the Dark Souls video game series for a small homebrewer to use as gifts.

Twenty Trees

Venture - App

A project to raise awareness of climate change and carbon emissions. Avaliable on Google Play and Amazon App Store.


Client - WebDesign

A clean professional site for a new business offering conferences and training on town planning.

Mystral News

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